009 Making Chess More Entertaining With Lula Robs

chess entertainment Mar 15, 2022

Does the chess community need to relax and have more fun with its game?

Not long ago, "chess content" meant either a lesson to improve or an update on the latest elite tournaments. It was a very serious affair.

Nothing wrong with that.

But maybe chess players would like to have an experience that also includes some fun and humor?

The past 5 years are proof they do with the boom in “chess entertainment.”

And now there’s a new, up-and-comer in this scene: Lula Robs.

A fellow adult improver with an ability to create highly creative and hilarious chess content (and a Grandmaster at memes)...

Lula is rising fast in the chess world. Her Twitch and Twitter followings have seen exponential growth in the past year.

She discusses with me why chess entertainment is a positive for the community, as well as her own journey and story.

Where You Can Find Lula: 

Twitch Channel

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