011 How To Fix Chess’ Gender Gap With Ingrid Gayle (CEO of Girl Boss Chess)

women in chess Mar 29, 2022

We all know chess is for everyone. Yet there are dramatically fewer women and girls in chess…

It’s an issue we ought to tackle head-on so we can make the game more welcoming to women and girls.

Thankfully, this week’s guest doesn’t just wonder how to solve the problem…

Ingrid Gayle, the owner of Girl Boss Chess (GBC), is taking action every day to make chess a better community.


GBC’s primary mission is to bring more women into the game from the ground up:

By giving young girls a safe space where they can learn chess in online classes from top women coaches. 

In addition, GBC offers private and group coaching to women.

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Ingrid’s Backstory

Ingrid is best known for her positive spirit and unique ability to teach chess through dynamic and playful storytelling. 

A graduate of George Brown College’s Child and Youth Worker program, Ingrid became a professional chess instructor in 2016 after a string of successful business ventures. 

She taught classes through the Toronto District School Board until launching Girl Boss Chess.

Beyond chess, Ingrid is a highly motivated entrepreneur with a focus on improving the lives of others.

She has run multiple successful start-up businesses including a New York-based boutique personal training and yoga studio. Her life has centered on two central themes: helping others and creating meaningful communities.

In This Week's Episode: 

  • What caused Ingrid to dedicate her life to a company focused on bringing chess to girls & women?  
  • Why is it important that girls learn chess?
  • Ways men can make the chess community more welcoming to girls & women. 
  • Reasons to be hopeful for the future of women & girls in chess. 

Resources from This Episode:

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