035 Optimizing Mental Strategies & Training Methods w/ NM Bryan Tillis

Sep 20, 2022

It’s easy to think of chess improvement as only involving the study of specific areas of the game like strategy or openings.

But there are other, critical parts to improvement, as well.

Which is why I chat with NM Bryan Tillis and discuss: 

  • The importance of having a WHY for your chess goals
  • How to balance fun with doing what’s necessary to improve
  • Asking whether your training is matching your goals

And, towards the end of the episode, Bryan offers several pieces of great advice for OTB tournaments.


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Background on NM Bryan Tillis

As a long-time chess coach, Bryan is one of the rare instructors who can bring great clarity and simplicity to chess improvement.

Right now, Bryan is probably best-known in the community for his fantastic openings courses on Chessable, including:

  • Master the French Defense
  • The Aggressive Queen’s Gambit Declined
  • The Dark Night Rises (the Alekhine Defense)

Bryan also has a fantastic YouTube channel chock full of his classic teaching style. 

He’s also the owner of Palm Beach Chess, which offers multiple chess coaches.

Where to find Bryan’s Work: Courses, YT Channel, Book, & More 

All of Bryan’s Chessable courses

Bryan’s YouTube Channel

Palm Beach Chess (coaching)

Bryan’s Book: Become a Chess Champion

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