040 Teaching Openings & The Perils of Engine Game Analysis w/ IM Christof Sielecki

Oct 25, 2022

Few people today are creating as many highly praised chess courses as IM Christof Sielecki.

Since the start of this podcast, I’ve looked forward to one day having him as a guest on the show.

Now he’s here!

His story may resonate with other adult improvers...

It wasn’t until age 13 that he began his chess journey in earnest. And it wasn’t until his late 30’s that he strived for his biggest achievement: earning his IM title.

After discussing his chess life, in this episode we talk about: 

  • What inspired him to update his most popular course: Keep It Simple: 1.e4
  • Why you need to be cautious when evaluating your games using the accuracy percentages.
  • Balancing opening repertoires with best move lines and those you’d see at the club level.
  • How should you approach a game with a balanced position and no clear advantage for either side?

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