031 Simplifying Openings & Chasing the GM Title as an Adult w/ GM Alex Colovic

openings Aug 23, 2022
Alex Colovic

Making chess simple for club players isn’t easy...

But GM Alex Colovic has a special ability to do just that.

It’s why his opening courses are known for simple, clear instruction... 

Alex even offers more manageable repertoires tailored for the amateur player.

This is great news for us improvers who want to learn theory without drowning in it.

And it’s why I was drawn to him as a teacher and asked him to be on the show.

How Alex is able to simplify opening theory is one of the key points we discuss in this episode.

The other great topic we discuss is that Alex strived for years in his 30s to earn the GM title - a rare feat at that age.

His story is an inspiration with key lessons for all of us, no matter our rating.

In this episode:

  • Why you should play your preferred style (with one caution.) 
  • How Alex makes opening theory simple to learn.
  • 2 qualities from Bobby Fischer that inspired Alex’s chess.

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