044 GM Irina Krush: The First & Only American Woman to Earn the GM Title

Nov 29, 2022

Few American women in chess are as inspiring as Irina Krush.

That may be obvious from the title of this episode alone. 

But to listen to Irina tell her story in this interview…

To hear her wisdom, strength, and charisma - you get the full measure of why she’s so inspiring to chess players worldwide.

No surprise, though from the person who's been an unprecedented 8x US Women’s Champion.

AND the only American woman to have earned the GM title.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Her feelings on her nail-biting loss in the 2022 US Women’s Championship.
  • Why she loves doing chess commentating.
  • Practical advice for overcoming a difficult tournament.
  • Her favorite top player that she has yet to play.

More From Irina:

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