048 GM Ben Finegold - Streaming, Comedy, & Improvement Advice

Jan 10, 2023

Few Grandmasters are as entertaining as Ben Finegold.

His blend of humor, truth-telling, and exceptional chess skill are rare in the streaming world…

And it’s why I’m thrilled to feature him on this week’s episode.

Ben hails from Detroit, Michigan. Raised in a chess family, he ultimately tied as the highest-rated American-born player in the US with a USCF rating of 2662.

He now lives in Atlanta, where he streams regularly on Twitch with his wife, Karen.

The channel has amassed over 124K followers, and his YouTube channel has 113K subscribers.

Those numbers are well-deserved and I highly recommend checking out each of his channels.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why not being afraid of losing is critical for amateur players.
  • What makes his Twitch channel stand out from other chess streamers?
  • If you’re getting burned out on chess, what should you do?
  • Would Ben do stand-up comedy?

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