025 Expanding Chess to More Amateurs & Cultures w/ Naycir (Nigarhan)

Jul 12, 2022

There are several ways to #GrowTheGame…

One is through helping folks play better…

Another is to find ways to make chess more appealing and accessible for everyone - regardless of where you live or your skill level.

This week’s guest, Nigarhan (or Naycir, as she’s known online), has chosen to make the second option her mission.

A fellow adult improver and amateur player herself…

Nigarhan has become well-known in chess circles as a streamer with an irresistible wit and passion for the game.

She brings top-level humor and a magnetic joy to the sixty-four squares - which is much needed given how difficult this game is.

And her chess life doesn’t stop there…

Nigarhan is also the Director for International Growth at Chess.com.

Impressive, right? 

There she helps translate the site’s chess content into dozens of languages. This helps the non-English speaking world more easily learn and enjoy the game.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • How she began a full-time job in chess before learning to play.
  • The challenges posed by chess’ over-serious “gatekeepers.”
  • Overcoming her online bullying experiences as a streamer.
  • Nigarhan’s favorite openings (it’s not the London.)    

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