033 Angelika Valkova, Lady of 1.d4, the First of Her Name

Sep 08, 2022

Angelika is rapidly building a name in the chess world as a dynamic coach, streamer, & course creator.

Hailing from Ukraine, and now living in Germany, Angelika is a superb chess player with a FIDE rating of 2075 (and on her way to earning the WGM title.)

She’s been coaching kids and adults alike for the past 7 years.

After years of building a strong following on her Twitch channel, this year she released her first opening repertoire course for 1.d4 on Chessable. 

We talk about all these facets of her chess career, including her love of Game of Thrones (hence the episode title!) 

In addition, we answer a couple of improvement questions from my Twitter followers.

And, as a fun change-up for the show’s format, Angelika invited her friend and co-creator of her 1.d4 course, Hungarian Grandmaster Gyula Pap.

Gyula appears on some of the show to discuss their course and give his insights on chess improvement, too.

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