024 Candidates Recap with WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni

Jul 07, 2022

The 2022 Candidates was a wild ride…

Predictions were shattered…

A dominant performance surprised many…

And the looming question of “Does second place matter?” hung in the air…

For the first time, The Chess Experience is reviewing a world-class tournament!

To help discuss the highlights (and lowlights) of the event, along with some lessons that can help club players…

I interviewed WIM Fiona Steil Antoni, a professional commentator of top chess events,

Fiona has been commentating for the past eight years and now works for Chess.com. 

Most recently, she had the incredible opportunity to be one of the regular commentators on Hikaru Nakamura's Twitch channel while he competed in the Candidates.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Which players exceeded her expectations? Which fell below them?
  • Three lessons from this event that can help club players in their own tournaments.
  • Fiona’s two favorite games from the event.
  • Should FIDE change the World Championship format to entice Magnus to defend the title?
  • Will Magnus defend his title?

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