070 A Rapid Rise to 2000 with Adult Improver Kamryn Hellman

Aug 29, 2023

A small number of chess players make remarkably quick progress. 

Perhaps even fewer of those are adults.

Which is why the achievements of this week’s guest, Kamryn Hellman, are so remarkable.

She started playing chess for the first time as an adult. 

And, in just a little over a year, Kamryn rose to a 2000 Rapid rating on Chess.com.

Because progress this fast is rarely seen by adults, we explore her journey and how she achieved it.

We discuss:

  • Her top three “difference makers” for reaching a 2000 Chess.com rating in fifteen months
  • Why competing in OTB classical tournaments was such a powerful factor in her improvement
  • Was her approach to be a tactics machine or was there room for studying strategy and positional chess? 

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