041 A Journey To Be The First US Black Woman Chess Master w/ Rochelle Ballantyne

Nov 01, 2022

You may know her as one of the featured students from the 2012 documentary, Brooklyn Castle. 

A superb film that covered a low-income, junior high school’s talented chess team.

One of the main students the film explored was the inspiring story of Rochelle Ballantyne.

Ten years after its release, Rochelle is now a 3rd-year law student at New York University.

She also recently re-committed to her goal of becoming the first American Black woman to earn the NM title.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Reflections on the impact Brooklyn Castle has had on her life.
  • Why Rochelle chose to put more effort and time into earning the NM title.
  • Her insights on being a black woman in a predominantly male, white chess community.
  • The shifting importance and meaning of chasing the NM title in her life.

Where to Watch Brooklyn Castle:

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