059 Top 8 Chess Lessons From A Successful Adult Improver w/ Stacia Pugh

May 23, 2023

Need some inspiration on your chess journey from a fellow adult improver?

This week’s guest is a powerhouse.

Even though she didn’t begin chess until adulthood, Stacia Pugh has soared to 1800 USCF - and still rising!

Plus, she’s attending OTB classical tournaments nearly every month and has a chess coaching business called, Chess Is Best.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Stacia’s Top 8 Chess Improvement Lessons
  • How switching from d4 to e4 dramatically improved her chess - and why other club players should also play 1.e4
  • Why tactics are by FAR the most important area of chess for improvement

 More From Stacia:

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