028: 50 Years of Growing the Game with NM Bruce Pandolfini

Aug 02, 2022

How do you introduce a legend?

Bruce Pandolfini is arguably America’s greatest chess coach.

Plus, his impact on growing the game throughout the world is immeasurable. 

Bruce is the author of dozens of superb chess books. All are great, and many are still must-reads for beginners and club players.

He’s been the coach for such top players as Fabiano Caruana and Josh Waitzkin.

Bruce has also been the consultant for the most popular chess stories ever put to screen: Searching for Bobby Fischer & The Queen’s Gambit.

Countless other accomplishments fill Bruce’s career.

More than can be quickly described in this introduction.

The chess world has been enhanced greatly through his work and presence.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The common traits of his most successful students.
  • Has chess coaching improved over the years?
  • Did he expect The Queen’s Gambit to cause a chess boom?
  • Were his coaching methods accurately represented in Searching For Bobby Fischer?

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