096 State of the Podcast: New Plans & Goals for 2024

Jul 09, 2024

After a two-week break, we are back!

For the first time, I explain what I have in store for the podcast for 2024…and beyond. (Hint: it’s all good news!) From new episode formats to a different category of guests, I share my ambitions for this show.

I also preview the upcoming launch of my community-themed membership for adult chess improvers, which will also have some connections to the podcast.

The final part of this brief episode updates my struggle with regaining my former chess skills.

Last, I’d love to hear from you directly! In this episode, I ask your thoughts on two different questions.

Please send me your thoughts to either of those questions at either of the links below.

Message me on my website contact page.

DM me on Twitter.

Not only will it help to get your feedback, but I’ll also respond to you within a couple of days. Thank you!