095 Grandmaster Insights On Mindset & Openings with GM Alex Colovic

Jun 18, 2024

GM Alex Colovic is an exceptional course creator and an engaging writer on all things chess.

He returns to the pod to discuss some intriguing subjects from his weekly newsletter.

I hand-picked three topics Alex wrote about that I found fascinating. We dive deep into each one: 

  • Why pro chess players (outside the Top 50) can't make a living competing anymore?
  • Can you create a certainty of winning before the game begins that helps you play better?
  • How can you ensure you bring a fighting spirit to each game you play? 

Finally, we discuss his latest opening courses for White that have been released on Chessable, and why it may be worth learning to play 1.e4 and 1.d4.

More From Alex:

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