086 Countering the Effects of Aging on Chess Plus Tips on Strategy w/ WIM Natasha Regan

Apr 02, 2024

She’s a rock star of chess accomlishments.

WIM Natasha Regan has represented England in two chess Olympiads. 

She’s co-authored two award-winning chess books with GM Matthew Sadler.

And, in recent years, Natasha has co-created three Chessable courses on strategy.

Even outside of chess, Natasha impresses.

She earned a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University, has had a career as a professional actuary, and is an accomplished Go player.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Three strategies to fight back against the effects of aging on your chess.
  • Why counterattacking is often better (and smarter) than pure defense.
  • How learning to recognize intermediate moves can help you become an overall better chess player.

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