085 GM Noël Studer - Adding Fun to Chess Improvement & Helpful Ideas From His New Beginner Course

Mar 26, 2024

GM Noël Studer is a fountain of superb chess advice.

Many folks loved his first appearance on the show (Ep. 67.)

And that’s why he’s here a second time!

It’s rare and special to have a Grandmaster working hard to help club players improve their game.

And, now, he even helps beginners.

A former Swiss chess champion and the youngest GM ever from Switzerland...

Noël has just released a comprehensive course to help beginner players (links are below.)

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Three strategies to make your chess study experience more fun.
  • Help your beginner friends and family improve by understanding what will help them get better results (and which resources they should avoid.)
  • Two beginner-level concepts that even Grandmaster Noël didn’t know until he created his course.
  • If you want consistent improvement, you MUST separate these two types of chess activities.

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