075: Essential Chess Tips From 6 Books By NM Dan Heisman

Jan 09, 2024

NM Dan Heisman is a world-renowned chess coach and author.

He’s on the verge of publishing his thirteenth, and perhaps final, chess improvement book.

In this episode, we take a retrospective of some of Dan’s best books and offer improvement advice relevant to each book.

It’s an honor to celebrate Dan’s amazing multi-decade career as a chess author and his third appearance on the podcast.

Some tips we discuss:

  • Surprising advice from Dan on the #1 principle that should guide your study plan.
  • How to avoid a common mistake club players make when choosing annotated game books.
  • Three key categories of what to study to improve your chess - and how much time to focus on each one.

Later this year (2024), Dan will publish a book based on his ongoing “Chess Tip of the Day” series that he’s posted daily for years on Twitter. Look for that soon!

In the meantime, here are links to all of Dan’s fantastic books, his YouTube channel, and his website.

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