069 IM Dean Ippolito - Tales of a Premier Chess Coach & How To Manage Rating Deflation

Aug 15, 2023

For two decades, IM Dean Ippolito has been one of America’s top coaches.

Throughout his career, he’s coached several scholastic talents to national titles. Plus, he’s authored six chess books.

Dean’s own chess journey is just as impressive. He was a rising child star and competed professionally for a few years after high school.

Today, he runs a successful coaching business called Dean of Chess Academy, which offers online classes and camps.

In this episode, we also discuss the scourge of adult improvers who compete at OTB tournaments: rating deflation.

We discuss what it is, how it affects adult club players like yourself, and some advice that Dean offers on how to deal with it.

Finally, we talk about Dean’s new book, Tricks, Traps, and Tips in the Chess Opening. The book offers a unique (and much more fun!) approach to learning opening ideas and principles.

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