068 FM Mike Klein: Building the Next Generation of Chess Players

Aug 09, 2023

You may know him as best as “Fun Master” Mike, the face of ChessKid.

For the past decade, Mike has been the Chief Chess Officer of ChessKid, the scholastic version of Chess.com.

His mission has been to make the game fun and accessible for an ever-growing audience of young chess players.

While my show primarily focuses on adult improvers, I’m always interested in how we grow this great game of ours, and reaching kids is a big part of that.

And who better to discuss this subject than with Mike Klein!?

Plus, if you’re a parent, Mike offers some great advice on how you can your kids’ school involved in teaching chess.

We also discuss: 

  • Which top youth player he thinks has the best chance to stay in the game and make an impact for many years to come.
  • The highlights of Mike’s journalism career, including which former world champ he would’ve loved to interview.
  • His game and experiences with Josh Waitzkin, of Searching For Bobby Fischer fame.

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