067 How to Maximize Your Time For Chess Improvement w/ GM Noël Studer

Aug 01, 2023

How should you spend your chess time if you want to improve? 

The problem for adult improvers isn’t always about having too little time or energy to get better...

Often, the challenge is knowing how to use that time effectively.

That’s where GM Noël Studer comes in to help us. 

A former Swiss chess champion, and the youngest GM ever from Switzlerland, Noël is now helping chess improvers fine-tune their study programs.

The result?

Better progress without having to spend countless hours each day studying or playing.

In this interview,Noël discusses: 

  • How the One-Third Rule can simplify your study process and give you greater progress without any additional demands on your time.
  • The surprising reason you can improve at openings with less study time instead of more.
  • How to keep your energy high before going into an OTB tournament with a simple training strategy used by professional athletes.

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