062 Two Decades of First-Rate Chess Journalism with Peter Doggers

Jun 13, 2023

Few people have attended the world’s top chess tournaments.

Or interviewed the most talented chess players on the planet, including legends like Garry Kasparov.

But Peter Doggers has lived this life for nearly the past twenty years.

In 2007, he launched the company Chess Vibes. At its peak, it was one of the world’s biggest online news sites for chess. It covered top events and offered in-depth journalism.

Six years later, Peter sold Chess Vibes to Chess.com and became their Director of Content. Currently, he is Chess.com's Director of News and Events.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • What top chess player before his time Peter would have loved to interview.
  • His favorite books for improvement that helped him rise to the level of 2292 FIDE and earn two IM norms.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of modern chess journalism.

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