060 Building a Dynamic Chess Life with Solveig, aka Rookie Redhead

May 31, 2023

Diving head-first into chess as an adult beginner ain’t easy. 

Yet some folks do it incredibly well. And with inspiring dedication.

That’s the adult improver story of Norway’s Solveig. 

After watching the Magnus-Nepo World Championship match, she committed to the game in January ‘22. 

At the time, she was rated well below 1000.

Since then, she’s worked with two coaches, attended over half a dozen OTB classical tournaments, and follows weekly study plans.

Now, her FIDE rating is already over 1200 and on the rise.

Topping it off, Solveig launched a YouTube channel, Rookie Redhead, detailing some of her chess journey and lessons learned. (Link below.)

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Whether you can ever really feel like you’re good at chess
  • The value of breaking some “rules” of chess improvement
  • The struggle of feeling confident in your chess abilities

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