057 From Harlem to Grandmaster Goals with IM Kassa Korley

May 09, 2023

Becoming a titled player without a chess coach is no easy feat. 

Yet that’s exactly what Kassa Korley achieved.

When he was 15, he became the youngest Black American to earn the NM title. 

Since then, he’s become an International Master.

And, in recent years, he garnered two of the three norms needed in his pursuit of the Grandmaster title.

Again, all on his own.

No coach.

Kassa’s chess journey is wildly impressive. Yet, as you hear him tell his story, it’s surprisingly relatable for a club player.

In this interview, Kassa shares some superb improvement insights that he’s gained from over two decades in chess.

Adult improvers: you can soak up a lot of wisdom from his lessons!

Plus, Kassa delves into what impact he’s excited to make in his new position as Head of Community with Chess.com.

Finally, Kassa offers what career(s) he would pursue if it had to be something other than chess.

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