015 Common Mistakes Made By Adult Improvers (& How To Fix Them) w/ FM Peter Giannatos

Apr 26, 2022

All chess players struggle to improve...

But there are some mistakes made along the way that are unique to adults…

Now, don’t feel bad if you’ve made them because they’re pretty common...

In fact, there are easy solutions that’ll remove these roadblocks and get you back on the road to faster improvement…

To help identify and fix these mistakes, I interview the straight-talking FM Peter Giannatos…

Peter is the founder of the Charlotte Chess Center, a powerhouse chess club in the United States.

Plus, he’s the author of the book & course, Everyone’s First Chess Workbook, which is phenomenal for folks under 1200 who want to master their basic tactics and checkmates.

In today’s episode we discuss: 

  • Six key mistakes adult improvers make and solutions to each one.
  • How to better manage (maybe even eliminate!) a fear of losing in chess. 
  • Why poor opening play or weak strategy doesn’t matter if you’re below 1200 Chess.com Rapid. 
  • How to beat the harm to your chess improvement that’s caused by information overload in the modern world.
  • The #1 way to speed up your chess progress.

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