012 Success Strategies for Adult Improvers with NM James Altucher

Apr 05, 2022

There are nitty-gritty ways to improve: like focusing on tactics or endgame study… 

But what about big picture improvement skills?

Example: are there ways to speed up the learning process?

How can you sustain motivation to get better at such a hard game?

For some discussion on that, I brought National Master, James Altucher, who is also a successful author and entrepreneur…

James has written several business & personal development books…

Most relevant is Skip the Line, which teaches you how to improve at a skill faster than expected…

Plus, on his podcast, The James Altucher Show, he talks with highly successful people about the lessons & strategies that helped them achieve so much…

Including Garry Kasparov and Judit Polgar!

My interview with James covers lessons he's learned from these experiences…

And it’s a discussion of his journey as an adult improver, as James is taking a journey similar to our own (just at a higher rating level!)

Some other exciting points in this episode:

  • Why age is not holding you back from chess improvement
  • How to emotionally deal with losing in chess
  • A must-know strategy for increasing your speed of improvement
  • Why your chess journey should be about more than getting better at the game itself

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