004 How To Create an Effective Study Plan with IM Andras Toth

Feb 15, 2022

What makes chess improvement so difficult?

Crafting a study plan you’re confident will work has to be high on the list.

So many questions exist:

How much time should I spend on openings?

What’s a good ratio between playing games and studying?

Can the engine help me analyze my games so that I can improve?

In this episode, I dive into a lot of these questions and many others with International Master Andras Toth.

He’s a renowned coach to adults with a blunt, no-nonsense approach to teaching that’s refreshing (at least to me!)

Andras has a highly regarded YouTube channel, plus he’s the author of many great courses on Chessable.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The real reason engine analysis is of limited help to your chess improvement (no matter what your amateur rating is.)
  • Why it’s so important to work with a coach if you want to see long-term progress. 
  • The vital importance of studying annotated games.
  • A critical, overlooked component to studying tactics that’s rarely considered in most people’s study plans.
  • Much more!

Supplemental Content:

"How to Master Calculation? What Difference Can a Coach Make?" - Andras recommends this video to further some of the ideas he talked about in this podcast episode, especially the difference of having a coach.

Andras Toth’s Content:

Resources in this Episode

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