003 - Overcoming Psychological Barriers in Chess with IM Yuriy Krykun

Feb 07, 2022

Sure, chess is a game of logic. 

But it’s also a game of emotions -  both on and off the board.

Often, the negative emotions that join us on our chess journey can get the best of us. 

This episode is designed to help you reduce its harmful impact on your game. 

To help me, I’m joined by International Master and renowned chess coach, Yuriy Krykun.

Yuriy has had a successful 10-year competitive career in elite chess, has coached over 100 students, is a contributor to Chess.com, and is a course creator on Chessable.

On this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The best perspective to take the emotional sting out of losing games.  
  • The cure for being addicted to playing, even when you know you should study more.   
  • How playing too much online chess can harm your nerves at OTB tournaments.  
  • The right attitude when facing higher-rated opponents.  
  • The secret to finding the sweet spot between overconfidence and underconfidence as a chess player. 

Resources In This Episode:

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Yury’s new course, “1.Nf3 The Reversed Queen’s Indian”  

My favorite course by Yuriy, “The Dynamic Italian Game.”